Why supplements?

Even though we strive to fulfill our body's need for vitamins and minerals, our modern lives can limit our body's ability to get what it needs naturally. Supplements can be one part of an effective strategy for treating all kinds of health concerns, but it is a "buyer beware" industry! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you consider the possibilities.

  1. Supplements are not an alternative to eating good food. If you eat junk food every day or many times a week, I hate to say it but supplements are not the answer. Your health is largely determined by the real food you eat! You can take a multivitamin to see that you don't develop a frank deficiency, but that won't offset the many ways your body is out of balance from too much sugar, trans-fats, and simple carbohydrates. Can supplements help some issues you might be having? YES! And Dr. Renée would love to walk you through how. But the first step is to fuel your body with good quality food.

  2. All supplements are not created equal. There is literature out there evaluating products purchased at drug stores and convenience stores, finding that they don't contain the listed ingredients. The FDA does not monitor supplements, so if you want to give them a try, please be thoughtful about where you purchase them. Some companies have their products independently assayed, meaning an independent lab evaluates the product to verify its contents. These products are still very affordable. These are the supplements we stock here at Stockheart!

  3. Talk to someone trained in nutrition and supplementation to determine what the right balance is for you. You could easily waste a ton of money on supplements and get very little benefit. Don't try to sort this confusing world out by yourself. Let us help you! We will explain the WHY behind each item, and help you identify HOW you'll know it's working. If you're taking the correct supplement protocol, you will feel the difference. We'll also help you make sure that what you're taking is safe for you.

So there you have it, folks! Eat good food first. If you need supplements, choose them carefully. And ask an expert so you don't waste your money or imbalance your body.