Flu: Care Tactics, Not Scare Tactics

If you’re like most people, you’re wondering what the best approach is to keep you and your family healthy in the face of this public health crisis. Here are a few facts to keep in mind…

  • Washing your hands frequently is a great strategy, but only if you don’t then touch your face.

  • Masks reduce the chances of the infected person spewing the virus into the environment, but do not protect the wearer of the mask.

  • Just because you get exposed doesn’t mean you will become ill. The virus must have a willing host in which it can replicate.

  • Vitamin D status is inversely proportional to the risk of developing the flu. In other words, if you have plenty of vitamin D in your body, your risk of getting sick goes way down.

  • In the massive flu epidemic of 1918, chiropractors treated the sick people who had been determined to be beyond care by the medical community, and with great success. Get adjusted for prevention, every day if you can while you’re ill.


  • Vitamin D3— 2000/day for kids, 5000/day for adults

  • If you’re sick you can take much more!

  • Probiotic support—your gut is the foundation of the immune system!

  • Elderberry extract

  • Olive leaf extract

  • Vitamin C

  • We like the formulas which contain multiple immune support agents, like Imu-max and Congaplex

  • Wash your sinuses with a neti pot

  • Chicken soup (unless you have a sensitivity)


  • Watch children for color (skin, lip, nail), responsiveness/alertness, ability to rest, ability to breathe

  • Difficulty breathing may be cause to seek medical care

  • Fluid consumption is very important but can be accomplished by offering broth and fruit juice popsicles, in addition to increased liquids

  • It is common to lose one’s appetite with a fever, as the body’s energy is focused on immunity not digestion. “Starving a fever” is not just an old wives’ tale!

  • Fever is an important function of the immune system. Consider a warm bath if you need to bring the body temperature down gently. You can also give calcium lactate.  Let the body do its job. The brain carefully monitors fever.