In April 2018, Dr. Renee hosted the Oncology Massage Healing Summit at Northwestern Health Sciences University. The bi-annual event is sponsored by the Society for Oncology Massage, for which Dr. Renee serves on the Board of Directors. The organization exists to bring attention to therapists who have sought out additional education to provide the best possible care for those who have or have had cancer.

In May 2018, Dr. Michele Renee created a webinar for the Minnesota Chiropractic Association on the topic of Acupuncture and Calming the Spirit. Many conditions have an underlying stress component, and addressing the stress response is key to resolving the condition. This is a principle Dr. Renee uses in every treatment, and why it's so important that you experience a sense of peace and belonging when you come to visit us!

Then, in June 2018, Dr. Michele Renee spoke at the 8th National Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Science and Education Symposium in Minneapolis, MN about how massage therapy benefits kids with special needs. She discussed not only how advanced techniques provided by massage therapists can be beneficial, but also how techniques provided by parents and caregivers can be an integral part of a successful daily regimen of care.

Dr. Renee is looking forward to several presentations at national conventions in 2019! We will be sure to keep you posted.