Sinus Care: Breathe Easier!

Most people with sinus problems have tried many things, including allergy medications and testing, to manage their issues. We believe chronic sinus congestion and multiple environmental allergies can be a sign of poor digestive health and inflammation due to the Standard American Diet (SAD), composed of refined foods and sweets, low fiber content, and the resulting imbalance of enzymes, bacteria, and yeast. Most people don’t even realize their digestion is impaired. Complete management of the problem should include an assessment of digestion and other body systems, but there are many things you can do to manage the symptoms as well. Things to consider when dealing with sinus problems include:

  • Ear congestion, itching, and infections can be associated with sinus inflammation.

  • Headache, facial pain, and snoring are sometime due to sinus congestion, and may be misdiagnosed as something else. 

  • Dealing with your sinuses may be a relatively easy fix!

  • The most common culprits in the diet are dairy products, gluten, and sugar.  You could try a modified elimination diet to find out.

  • Tests are available to assist in determining problem foods.

  • The latest research shows that almost all sinus infections are viral or fungal, and in such cases treatment with antibiotics are not warranted.  Lifestyle management is key.


  • Vitamin D3— 2000/day for kids, 5000/day for adults

  • If you’re sick you can take much more!

  • Probiotic support—your gut is the foundation of the immune system!  Certain probiotic strains are shown to reduce respiratory infections

  • Stinging nettle

  • Grape seed extract

  • Quercetin, bromelein

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

  • We like the formulas which contain multiple anti-histamine agents, like D-Hist and AllerPlex.


  • The key to allowing your sinuses to clear is to thin out the mucus secretions so they can come out

  • Thick mucus in your sinuses is great food for critters to grow.  Using something like goldenseal in your neti pot will aid in decreasing your chances of developing a painful infection

  • Use your neti pot twice a day for best results, in addition to other allergy management self-care and therapies as recommended by your doctor

  • You can use a saline spray throughout the day to lubricate your mucus membranes in your nose and sinus passages