We offer our community a unique forward-thinking approach to well-being with the following beliefs: 


Integration Leads to the Highest Quality of Care

Health care is a team sport, not a competition. The best care includes collaboration and cooperation on the part of different practitioners. Every person can benefit from an integrative, wellness-oriented approach to care. Ask your practitioner for more information.


Supporting Our Healers Benefits Everyone

Practitioners need a nurturing and supportive team to be most effective. We each provide the best possible care for patients with the support of a community of successful practitioners. Mentorships and collaboration are key ingredients to the well-being of the entire team.


A Strong Community is Built & Sustained by its Members 

The Healing Garage can impact the most lives by doing effective community outreach and becoming the first choice of CAM in the Twin Cities. We offer education to our neighbors and extend a hand to other healing modalities. Partnership in collaborative care is the future of health care.


We believe in healing our neighbors, partnering with like-minded local businesses, and embracing our community. Contact Dr. Michele Renee for more information and opportunities.



All of our practitioners utilize our online scheduling tool located on the new Stockheart website.

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