Recent Presentations, Articles, and Events of Note

In March 2018, Dr. Michele Renee spoke at the Minnesota Chiropractic Association on the topic of Acupuncture and calming the spirit. Many conditions have an underlying stress component, and addressing the stress response is key to resolving the condition. This is a principle Dr. Renee uses in every treatment, and why it's so important that you experience a sense of peace and belonging when you come to visit us!

Dr. Renee had two articles featured in Massage Magazine in February! The first was a print article titled "Integrative Health Care: Massage Therapists are Needed on This Team," and the second was a digital article: "A Conversation on Massage in Integrative Health Care." It's no secret this is a topic close to her heart, and she was delighted to share a few thoughts about her experience with it and how massage fits into the larger world of health care.

In 2016, Dr. Renee published two more articles in Massage Magazine on the topic of mentorship. Finding and being a mentor are invaluable aspects of being a successful health care practitioner, and something Dr. Renee loves to share with her former students and others in the field! These articles are titled "Get a Mentor: Professional Advice Contributes to Success" and "How to Make the Most of Being a Mentor."

Michele Renee